Yeah, that's Me

My name is Ashwin Shetty and this my personal blog. This blog website is for sharing my knowledge and helping others gaining more.

Complete detail about my work experience is available at LinkedIn.  For any assignment related to following technology feel free to reach out at /

  • Angular / Angular.js
  • .Net
  • Node.js
  • Elastic Search
  • MongoDB
  • SQL
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Micro Services

Some of my work

Here are some of earlier blog post on;

Delegates & its 5 Modern Flavors (Func, Action, Predicate, Converter, Comparison)
.NET Delegates & its 5 different features (Func, Action, Predicate, Converter, Comparison)
Exception Handling in WebAPI
3 different ways by which Exception handling can be done in ASP.NET WebApi
.NET Application Continuous Integration ( CI ) using Jenkins
Continuous Integration of .NET project using Jenkins & Gradle Script
Horizontal scaling .net C# / NodeJS, MongDB with Micro Services
Scaling application Horizontally using Message queue
Plug & Play (DI) using Framework
Plug & play using Framework, we will also see how we can wire our application using Spring.Net Configuration